What a muppet!

Ok so once again I have been a little slack in updating my blog, to be honest I have had nothing amazing to share with my followers so I haven’t wanted to bore you.

However the last couple of weeks have been spent getting down hard to training, really putting my head down and getting on with it, I have already seen an improvement in the run time which led to a new 5k PB. Once again it was Marston Forest 5k that provided the backdrop. I have written a brief overview of the race in the race report section of this site. Needless to say I am happy to see the run speed back to where it should be, however both my coach and I believe I still have that sub 18 in me.

Marston 5k

marston no and medal

Work has been insanely busy and because of that I will unfortunately miss the ITU qualification race in Bristol this weekend, this came as a bit of a blow if I’m honest as I was really looking forward to racing in my sponsors home town, but work is work and it pays the bills, so not much choice really.

To add to the misery of ITU qualification I decided to check the start times for Llandudno next weekend, I checked my age group – yes, still 30-34, still group F. A nice afternoon start time so I may even be able to get some breakfast in my hotel! Result. I checked out the course which I plan to drive around the day before and read through the race details and transition plan. All in perfect order. Excellent. Then I checked what race number I was….. and …… what? Start list, search, Scott…… nothing. I wasn’t on the start list! When the season began I had hoped to qualify in either Nottingham (dropped chip) or Bristol (work) so I had not entered Llandudno. If I failed to qualify in these events I would then enter Llandudno as a backup, good plan. Except of course I had totally forgotten I had decided this with myself and even convinced myself I had entered and booked the hotel. Of course this close to the race it is full, I am on the waiting list but realistically my hopes and dreams for ITU World championship representation are over. I am absolutely gutted! What a total muppet!

This now leaves me with all my eggs in the European basket. Currently Grendon is in the bag but I need to qualify outright in New Biggin in September to ensure I achieve this seasons goals.

So as you can see, what started as a positive week with a nice new shiny PB in the 5k ended in disaster with no one to blame but myself. Lesson learned? Definitely.

Nothing I can do now apart from hope I make the waiting list and if not focus on a good training block with MarkOne Coaching before smashing the races in September and making sure I’m in Austria next year wearing the red, white and blue!

What a muppet! These things happen I guess.

Roller coaster week!

As I loaded my car up on Friday evening ready to tackle the two hour drive to Nottingham I wondered if I was mad! I was about to make a four hour round journey in order to take part in a race that lasts about a quarter of that time! Then it occurred to be that this is nothing out of the ordinary. When I think of the amount of people who travel to foreign countries to represent their countries or even just take part for fun.  The drive itself was fairly uneventful and slow due to people fleeing back home after a week in the city, at least I wasn’t one of those people!

I arrived at my hotel in Nottingham and couldn’t help but notice immediately that it was full of triathletes, there were bikes all over the place and the smell of deep heat and Lycra seemed to fill the hotel. Of course this was one of the closest hotels to the race venue so it shouldn’t have been much of a surprise. I checked in and went up to my room where I went through the regular process of investigating every drawer and seeing what I could steal. The outcome was as follows:

Bathroom: 2 shower caps, 2 shower & bath gels, 2 soaps, 2 shampoos and 2 sachets of shoe shine.

Bedroom: 2 packs of biscuits, 4 sachets of coffee, 4 tea bags, 8 sugars and 2 hot chocolates.

Having eaten one pack of biscuits, made a coffee and unpacked there was not much left to do then to set out the next day’s race gear on a chair like I always do. Have a bath, work out how to use the toilet (long story!) and hit the hay!

I awoke the next day and made my porridge in my room, I then made my way down to the breakfast room to research what could be potentially lifted from that area, the answer – not a lot.  A pretty poor selection of breakfast options, I ate a slice of toast and honey, drank a tepid cup of coffee, helped myself to 2 (or 5) Nutrigrain bars and packed up and headed to the race venue.

I have given a full race report over in the race reports section of this blog, but I will just add that the level of athletes at his event was off the chart, I really felt I was competing against the best of my age group at this event. I learnt a lot about myself just watching other athletes and dealing with pre-race nerves etc.

What an amazingly organised event, this is by far the best venue \ organisation I have ever been to. I know it was the British sprint championships and a qualifier for the Worlds in September but the layout, registration, marshalling, entertainment, location……. Everything was brilliant – a massive well done to the organisers.

So if you haven’t or can’t be bothered to read the race review then I will tell you now, I raced really well and was really happy with my time, however due to the phenomenal standard of athlete there I still placed 20th in my age group. Not really the result I wanted at all but a good solid race performance none the less. I headed home a little disappointed but not too unhappy with my own performance.

So that was the weekend!

Monday morning came around all too quickly and it was back to work. However the usual Monday morning blues were interrupted; very happily; with a check on the BTF website.

I had wondered briefly if the BTF team had finished updating the result from Grendon for the European Sprint Championships in Austria in 2014. They had. As I scrolled through I saw the following news…

Nathan Scott      Q4          GRENDON

What? I took another look….. It’s true. I had claimed the fourth qualifying spot in Grendon. I was Team GB!

However ……………. Tuesday held bad news – there had been an admin error at the BTF around another competitor’s date of birth – apparently a chap didn’t know his own date of birth when he entered the race!


Therefore I am currently NOT qualified for Austria next year and will have to seal my place by racing New Biggin Triathlon in early September. Close, but not close enough!

What that does tell me is that I was close, really close. A bit more work with my coach and I should secure my spot in Newcastle in September. Time is on my side!

Bring it on coach!

M1 concept 2

Next up is Bristol ITU Qualifier on 23rd June swiftly followed by a jaunt to Wales for the Llandudno Sea Triathlon.