Getting close!

Following a very eventful March, April was comparatively quiet. Training was solid and consistent and has started to build nicely towards Austria in June.

I am trying to focus on training and not worry too much about the monumental race that lies in wait for me in just a few months. This is where my trust in my training and my coach kicks in.

As I said, training has been very consistent and building week by week. I am finally in a place where I am happy with my running form, although I am my own worst critic so I know I have more in me. Being part of Stopsley Striders and working hard in speed sessions have been instrumental in improving the run, this will continue throughout the summer as I am seeing real gains.

In the middle of the month I decided to revisit the Duathlon scene at Eton Dorney. The race went well last month so I figured why not! I wanted to improve on the times and if possible the position over the last race. A full race report is available on the “race report” tab above, but in short I managed to better both run splits and the bike split. Transitions were also better. It was good to get some early season transition practice in. This is something that is so important but often overlooked when compared with the other 3 disciplines.





A good solid performance led me to second place overall and first in my age group, so another great outing at Dorney lake and of course another great confidence booster ahead of the forthcoming season.


After the race I had a final build week in training before I took a scheduled rest and recovery week. This tied in nicely with a work trip to Bangalore in India.

Training in India would be seriously injurious to your health. I did not see one person jogging or cycling in my entire time out there. Although my hotel had a pool, it was unusable most of the time due to various hotel functions etc. So my training for the week was largely based in the hotel gym on the treadmill or working on my core. I thought briefly about trying a run outside, but quickly thought better of it. The medley of cows, monkeys and dust in 39 degree heat slightly put me off, not to mention the erratic drivers in tuck tucks, Lorries, cars, busses…. So the treadmill seemed the sensible and safe (yet a little dull) option.

So, back to the UK, rest week over and back on the training. The week started with a visit to my nutritionist. He was as always really helpful and the formula was put in place for the next 6/8 weeks and the all-important taper period before the big race. Overall I am in a good place and the all-important body fat percentage is sitting at 9.7%. I would ideally like to shift 1kg body fat and therefore lower this slightly but I am leaving that to good eating and hard training.


So, looking forward to May, I have a 10k race lined up and a couple of early season triathlons. I suppose I will have to man up at some point and get in open water. I may leave it a week or so longer, a few degrees makes all the difference!

Don’t forget you all still need to sponsor me to take on Jenson in July!