Post Chicago hangover

With the excitement of Chicago fading as each day passes it was time to have some down time. I saw October as an opportunity to just take my foot of the gas, catch up with friends and family, have some alcoholic drinks and larger than required meals, yes the off-season is truly upon me.

When I say time off, I purely mean that I reduce training and relax on the strict regime. During October I have maintained around 50% of training time. That equates to about 4 – 5 hours per week instead of the usual 9 – 12. I have kept my running, strength and conditioning going to ensure the weight doesn’t pile on and the fitness remains but the swimming and biking have dropped off.

Having said all that, October started well with a cheeky 10km PB at Standalone 10km on the 4th October. This is a race I had been meaning to do for the last few years but have never had a chance. I approached the race with a good level of fitness in the hangover of Chicago and was hopeful of a PB. Sure enough it delivered. A cracking start to my time “off”.

The following weekend I took a similar approach to the Great eastern half marathon. An event held in Peterborough. I had entered as I heard rumours of a fast, flat PB course. I was a little fed up of turning up to half marathons and missing out on new PB’s by 10 – 30 seconds so I approached this one with a positive attitude. The plan. Go out hard and hang on. It worked! In fact it didn’t just work it smashed my previous PB by a considerable amount taking me from a 1:28 PB to a sub 1:25. Again, I was finding my time off very rewarding.

The following weekend I didn’t race at all. In fact I took it easy. I did the local parkrun as it was the 25th running of the local event and my running club descended on the anniversary. It was great to see so many Stopsley Striders in attendance and I was happy to run round in a comfortable 19:03.


So in the next few months I have the joys of cross country to look forward to. I am hoping that this year I will get through them and indeed the entire off-season without any injuries, that’s my main focus for the winter. I will start to integrate cycling and swimming back into the regime from November and get some good base sessions going to see out the winter months.

I am still unsure as to what my focus will be next year. I am keen to find out how I perform in the middle distance triathlons so I would like to train and race a handful of those next year. Nothing is in the diary yet for next season apart from a spring marathon in Manchester. Booking that in will ensure my base mileage has purpose over winter.

So that’s in for October really, nothing really to scream and shout about after the excitement of Chicago. I am really happy to have kept in contact with my post-race drinking buddy; Fin, and really pleased to have bagged some late season PB’s.

Roll on cross country and the winter months.