Its been a while

So its been a while since I last wrote but in truth it has been a pretty mixed start to 2016. If I am honest, its not one I have been particularly happy with.

My last update focussed very much on Winter training and the quest to land myself a sub 3 hour marathon. I am not going to bore you with the details around it but suffice to say, I had two attempts at it and failed. Anyone that knows me is no doubt bored to death of the reasons why and what I am doing to overcome the issues.

So that target is now going to be pushed back to the end of the year when I visit Nice in November.

With it being June and as I sit here and type the Sun is streaming down through the window and the Triathlon season is well and truly underway. My first Tri of the year was the Grafman middle distance. I had three weeks from my marathon to quickly remind myself what biking and swimming felt like before I took on what was only my second ever middle distance Tri.

The chaps and chapesses at Nice Tri events laid on a super event as always and the race went well, I went there with little expectation and no pressure on my shoulders so I actually enjoyed the race! I remember actually smiling when I was finishing the bike leg!


I was pleasantly surprised with the result – the swim was shocking, but then what can you expect when you ignore the pool over winter in favour of tattoos! The bike was comfortable and perhaps I should have pushed harder. The run, was also pretty comfortable. That is until about the 6 mile mark when 3 big blisters decided to make me run like I had shat myself! I was happy with the performance on the day as I know I have got better in me. Remember I had managed just 3 weeks of Tri training since the marathon!

10 111 13

I am now in week 2 of a 4 week building block which will see me train hard all the way up to the 10th July which will be The Castle triathlon at Hever Castle. I am looking forward to racing around the part of the world I grew up.

In summary, A disappointing start to the year has been now put behind me. I’m back doing what I do best. Racing. Triathlon. Bring it on.

Most importantly, please remember I am raising money throughout the year for a local charity based in Luton.

If you can help please do so –