Its been a fantastic month!

So what usually follows a season review? The plan for the next season of course! But before I get bogged down in races, dates and targets I want to generally ramble over what has been a very positive month.

The month began in Portugal, a lovely week’s break with my daughter on the Algarve trying to squeeze in the last of the sunshine. A total break from training and the frustrations of recent months was much needed.

Upon my return to the UK I got the go ahead from my Osteopath to start an easy run \ walk program which I am pleased to say has progressed throughout the month. Carly at Luton Osteopathy has been an absolute legend. She has monitored by progress closely and ensured that I wasn’t trying to do too much too soon.  I have had her constantly in my ear during the runs reminding me to stick to the session plan and not go too hard. In short, I have done as I have been told and it’s worked, I am now up to 30 minutes of pain free running.

Of course I was meant to run the Nice to Cannes marathon in the middle of November but since the Injury I knew this was simply not going to happen. I had already paid for the hotel and flights so I decided I would still make a weekend of it and support my good friend whilst he tackled the 26.2 mile course. It made for a superb weekend, certainly one I won’t forget in a while.

More good news came in the way of support for next season. I will continue to be coached by Fin at Finesse Performance Coaching . Alex at Insight Nutrition has agreed to continue to support my nutritional requirements and monitor my body comp to ensure I’m in the best shape possible to achieve my goals in 2017. Huub Design have agreed to continue their superb support for another year and I am really excited that Luton Osteopathy has agreed to support me for the 2017 season, mainly to ensure that I don’t end up broken but also to work with me to improve on my physiological weakness (oh and make sure I stretch!). All in all it’s looking like a great team behind me for 2017! The rest is down to me!





Right enough rambling from me. This is what 2017 looks like.

Season Goal

Rotterdam ITU World championships – 14th-17th September 2017

A races

2017 ITU Sprint Distance Triathlon Qualifiers

  • Eton Sprints – 21st May
  • Llandudno Sea Triathlon – 25th June
  • Redcar Triathlon – 30th July

B races

2018 ETU Sprint Distance Triathlon Qualifiers

  • Strathclyde triathlon – 27th May
  • Peak District triathlon – 17th Sept

C races

2017 ITU Sprint Distance Duathlon Qualifiers

  • Bedford Auto drone Duathlon – March

Additional Season Goal

  • Sub 18 minute 5km

Easy huh…………