Back to it!

Since my last post we have had Christmas and the New Year. For me personally I also had the pleasure of entertaining tonsillitis and a chest infection which of course not only ruined Christmas but hampered the start of my Ironman training.

That said, I am now two weeks in to my new training schedule and Training peaks is reporting a solid green and although my fitness has suffered somewhat over the off season I can quite honestly say that it’s great to be back training properly. I just need to convince my body of the same.

I have two weeks left of the current phase before my first race week of 2018. The race is the Ashridge Duathlon on the 28th January. I missed out on this event in 2017 due to a diary clash so I am looking forward to this one. Am I race ready? No way, especially not for a sprint event but following a terrible 2017 a serious injury and illness over the off-season I am just really happy to be racing.

Active training world always puts on a great event and follows it up with a great medal so I am determined to be on the start line (and finish line!) to claim my first bling of 2018.

Not too much else to report really. I’m positive about the upcoming season but also very realistic about the huge challenge in front of me. The challenge scares me a little but that tells me that I am challenging myself.

I’ll finish by simply wishing you all a very happy and healthy 2018.

Wishing my sponsors a very happy new year and looking forward to representing you in 2018!

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