Parks, Zombies and a Big apple!

It’s been two months since I penned my last post of the triathlon season and according to Facebook it’s been 5 years since I started this blog.

The last two months have been fairly packed out, although to be honest, there hasn’t been much racing going on mainly because it’s the off-season. Basically, the off-season is a good excuse to eat and drink and add a few kilograms of unwanted weight to the skeleton

I did pin a race number to myself in October to take part in the Royal Parks half marathon. This is a race that was on my bucket list for many years and never managed to get a Ballot place. This year I decided to run for Cancer Research and secure my place on the start line by raising money. Firstly, thank you to everyone who sponsored me. With your help I managed to raise £420 (Plus Gift aid) for a very worthy cause.

As I mentioned this was a race that has been on my bucket list for years, admittedly this was mainly for the wooden medal! Anyway, I stood on the start line before the race and really wasn’t in the best position to race. With focus being very much on the end of the triathlon season I had largely neglected longer runs due to a niggling Achilles issue. So in all honesty, I was under prepared and probably shouldn’t have run. However, I had raised money for charity and I wasn’t about to let people down who had sponsored me. So I ran.

I say ran, I use that term very loosely. The first 3 miles went really well, I had started at a good pace as we left Hyde park and headed through green park past Buckingham Palace and rounded St James park. The good pace continued through admiralty arch and on the out and back past downing street and into the strand. Then my Achilles decided it wasn’t happy and it felt like someone kicked me in the back of the heel. My paced slowed significantly over the rest of the race and as a result I finished some 15 minutes outside my PB.

Considering this was a race on my bucket list, I was hugely disappointed. I totally get the attraction if you do not live \ work or train in London. The chance to run around the sights and through some lovely parks should be very appealing. However, to someone who has worked and trained in London and run the majority of the route in training runs it was just…. dull. Perhaps my frame of mind at the time took the shine off the experience as I was struggling and in a lot of pain, but I just found the route a little uninspiring and annoyingly complicated. There seemed to be an excessive amount of out and backs and zig-zagging which just added to my frustration. As you can tell, not a great race for me. That said, I did finish and I did get my wooden medal!















A few weeks later my girlfriend and I took part in a local “Zombie run”. There I was, decked out in full run attire ready to power my way through hoards of blood thirsty walkers in true walking dead fashion. I feel that the organisers had slightly mis-sold this one . Upon arrival it seemed that we were the only ones in running gear and the only ones not smoking and drinking! The “race” director (who was dressed in drag) then took to the stage and advised everyone that it was too dark around the lake to run. Therefore it was now a Zombie walk…

Forty five minutes later we finished the walk \ jog \ run and in all fairness it was a lot of fun. I have to admit that we did have a good laugh and it was worth the entry fee. Yes, I still felt a bit of an idiot in run attire but whatever, most people were too drunk to notice. My girlfriend was over the moon to find that she was the first lady back. Happy days.

The off season also contained a number of great weekends away and an amazing trip to New York to watch the girlfriend take on the New York City marathon. She did really well on what was a really tough day. I also took part in a 5k whilst I was out there but with 12,000 people doing a 5k I managed to do an additional half a mile going round people so again, not one for the record books.

With the end of the off-season approaching it’s time to turn my attentions to the season ahead. I have my race entry and hotel booked and my Tri-suit purchased and ready to go thanks to my race sponsors “Leading Talent” (

Training for IMUK starts in Mid-December and will continue all the way through to July 15th. I have a big learning curve ahead and for once I am slightly nervous about what’s to come. Don’t get me wrong, I am excited but I know there is a lot of hard work ahead of me.

I would just like to sign off this blog by saying thanks to everyone who has read this blog regularly over the last five years. (Thanks both!!! ) Here’s to a much more successful 2018!

It’s Christmas!!!

So it’s been a while since I last wrote, but to be honest I don’t have too much to say! Yes, I can hear you all now muttering “makes a bloody change!” In all honesty it’s been a fairly quite off-season so far.

After the excitement of Chicago it’s all been fairly… meh! I took a break from the regular triathlon training which meant I hardly touched the bike or the pool throughout November. I kept up my running with Stopsley Striders and I can say I am happy I did. The fitness has not died off completely and I have managed to get round four of the five league cross country fixtures that we all have a love hate relationship with every year. The truth be told, I really enjoy them. Of course we have local rivalries which adds to the competitive spirit and of course the inter club competition to drive us forward through the mud but there is something of a romance with cross country, it’s one of the rare times of the year the club can get together as a team and I think that’s what I enjoy more than anything. Last year I managed to race one before getting injured. This year I am hoping to complete all 5 league fixtures, the counties, the regionals and of course the nationals.

Nathan Scott - Triathlete

Letchworth Cross country – Event #4

Nathan Scott - Triathlete

Wing and THAT puddle – Cross country event #3

Aside from that I have started to put races together for 2016. Before the triathlon season starts up in May my first focus will be a sub 3 hour marathon attempt. This will be attempted in Manchester on the 10th April. I say the word “attempt” because I appreciate just how hard that magical barrier of 180 minutes is. I know a lot of runners much better than me that are still waiting to break that magical 3 hour barrier so I know the training will be tough and the race will have to be one of the best races of my life in order to achieve it. Therefore I will be giving it the respect it deserves in my training. I will of course keep a number of swim, bike and strength session in my weekly training but the focus will be on the running until April.

Once the marathon is done I have lined up the following half iron distance races. The Grafman in May. The Gauntlet in July and another in September and the Nice to Cannes marathon in November.

One thing I have decided is that I will be raising money throughout 2016 for “Signposts start over” in Luton. ( This is a local charity who helps homeless people “start over” – for that I have pledged not only to attempt a 3 hour marathon but also race a total of 500 miles next season. So I better put a few more races in the calendar!


On that note, I must say a huge thank you to the wonderful people at Castle Triathlon Series for donating two race entries at Hever castle. I am looking forward to racing there as it holds great memories of growing up in the next village along.



If you can please can you support me and donate anything you can to the cause. Please visit .

I am really pleased that I can confirm that I will be once again working with Insight Nutrition throughout 2016 to help me achieve my goals. I’d like to take the opportunity to congratulate Alex and Keri on the birth of their daughter Madalyn. Wonderful news.


That only leaves me to say one last thing.